Architecture thesis projects presentation

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Master of Architecture (MArch)

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Master of Architecture (MArch)

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by Dan Lockton. Continuing the meta-auto-behaviour-change effort started here, I’m publishing a few extracts from my PhD thesis as I write it up (mostly from the literature review, and before any rigorous editing) as blog posts over the next few months.

The idea of how architecture can be used to influence behaviour was central to this blog when. Course Overview. The MArch is a lively student centred environment, where peer-to-peer learning, practice based research and live events projects connect students, expert academics, design professionals and wider communities.

Architecture and Urbanism (MA)

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The GSA (Graduate School of Architecture) at the University of Johannesburg was founded in

Architecture thesis projects presentation
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Architecture, urbanism, design and behaviour: a brief review – Architectures