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Business Casual Dress Code PowerPoint PPT Presentations

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State Leadership Conference 2018

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The competitive events are based on projects developed from the goals of FBLA-PBL, based on the National. Implementing a Conservative Business Dress Policy - Business dress for men is a suit and tie, and for women, a suit with either a skirt or slacks.


Various clothing manufacturers, retailers, Various clothing manufacturers, retailers. Business Presentation - Allyson Petrjanos, Jackson Connor, Introduction to Business Communication - Katie Coleman - 6th Place.

Introduction to Business - Kennedy Smith - 6th Place. Job Interview - Taylor Brentano - 7th Place. - FBLA Officers FBLA Dress Code. Introduction to Business Communication (9th–10th grade) 4 I • All competitors must comply with the FBLA-PBL dress code.

• Prejudged materials and resumes will not be returned. Use a presentation software program as an aid in delivering a business presentation.

Introduction to Business Presentation You have just taken first place in Introduction to Business Presentation at your FBLA State Leadership Conference, and you are now faced with the need to raise over $2, per person on your team to attend the FBLA National Leadership.

course and the rest of the Business and Computer Science courses.

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Students are strongly urged to join FBLA to benefit from the wealth of opportunities the organization has to offer.

Introduction to business presentation fbla dress
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